Monday, June 16, 2008

Fraud, and certainly abuse

The Cato Institute gets its knickers in a knot about Medicare fraud, citing a report that puts health care fraud at over $60 billion per year.

Let's put this number in a bit of perspective:

Medicare actually lost about seven cents of every dollar spent to fraud, waste and mistakes in 1998, government auditors said earlier this month.

That amounts to more than $12 billion -- but it's only about half of what was lost by the government's health insurance program for the elderly and disabled just two years ago.

Yep, a fivefold increase in less than a decade.

Let's see, what happened in that decade?

Oh, yes, the administrators at the top changed.

You don't send Republicans to do a man's job.

Update: Medicare reduces costs for providers, it turns out. I guess the Bush League couldn't fix that.


Blogger jwsgroup said...

In 1997 Fraud in the Medicare program was at 23 billion. In 1998 it dropped to 12 billion It was the Columbia/HCA Investigation brought on by whistleblowers that had a huge impact in this reduction. Providers shocked by the investigation began to become more compliant and fraud diminished. Now ten years later providers have become more bold and and once again are scamming the system even more than before.

What we need are more whistleblowers.

John W. Schilling
Author - Undercover

9:30 PM  

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