Friday, May 26, 2006

Jaw hits floor

I usually consider National Review to be useless (although they did run a good profile of Bob Newhart a while back, and it's always good for snarky fun and games), but this article by Jonathan Adler and Michael Berry warning against the prosecution of journalists for publishing politically embarrassing leaks is excellent. Adler and Berry are the first conservatives I have noticed who suggest that journalists can be patriotic Americans, too, who run leaks that they think the public needs to know about, but take care to do no harm to the nation in the process. Given the ignorant journalist-bashing that usually comes from the right, this is exceedingly refreshing. A tip of the hat to both (damn, now I've got to go buy a hat!)

The article and a debate involving Adler are linked here. Thanks to Laura Rozen for the info.


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